Master's Class - A Short Story


I made the transition to swimmer without much effort. All it took was the right motivation.

I had been going to the gym regularly, but never really hit the pool. I’d mostly stay up by the weights, trying to add bulk.
And of course the sauna and steam rooms.

One day I was finishing up my shower…

Locker Room Daddy at the Park

Been awhile since I’d seen Locker room Daddy.

my phone dings at 11am…

'You around?' he texts

'Sure am…where the hell you been?'

'laying low man…layin low.   You hungry?' he responds

'you know it'

'12:30 @ the park' he instructs

'I'll be there'

At 12:15 I head to the park.   The last time we tried to meet there at the last minute it fell apart.  Too risky.  I was just HOPING it’d be clear today.  

Phone dings…

'All Clear…come on' he texts

'5 minutes away' i reply

I get to the park and start driving back to the back, pull onto the dirt road…phone dings…

'Car just pulled up' he says

I’m literally just around the corner so I pull in.   Sure enough there’s another car there.  I get a glimpse of a decent looking guy in the car reading a book.  

I’m up on the dock’ Daddy says

I head up to the dock.   There he is.  Looking good as ever.

'What's he doing?' he asks

'Reading a book'

'Fucker needs to leave'

So we stand there…waiting.  Shooting the shit.

'Shit…he's moving.   He's coming this way'

I look up and sure enough he’s walking towards the dock.   Decent looking guy.

'I can't tell…that looks like a guy I know' Daddy says

I’m in a panic.   Fuck…This guys gonna know we’re out here fucking around.   Locker room daddy and I just stand there…awkwardly watching the guy….who just leans against a picnic table.  We stay like this for a good 10 minutes.

He’s leaving’ daddy says

I look and sure enough he’s headed back to his car.

I think that is the guy I know’ daddy says

He pulls his phone out and texts his buddy.  Seconds later it dings

is that you up on the dock?  Want some company?’ the mystery man responds

'You wanna play with him?' locker room daddy asks

'I dont know…who is this guy?'

'he's good.  Hell he'll be happy watching'

So I agree and we start walking back to the trucks.  Mystery Guy gets out of his car.  There’s some back and forth and then the cocks come out.   I drop down and start sucking on Locker room daddys cock.

Totally focused on his cock.  I know the mystery guy is jacking off.

yeah suck that cock’  ’you gonna shoot down his throat?’  ’fuck that boys mouth’  mystery guy says.

Locker room daddy tells me to suck his balls.  So I do.   I notice mystery guys fat ass cock.  but focus on Daddys cock.

oh FUCK yeah.   you’re gonna make me cum’  locker room daddy says

What the FUCK?   He never cums this fast.

I back off….and then outta nowhere he says ‘OH FUCK.   Here it comes’

I jump forward and swallow his load.  

'OH FUCK MAN.   Swallow His load.  Oh FUCK.   He's taking it all' mystery guy says

I’m draining the last of locker room daddys cock 

OH FUCK’ mystery guy says

I glance over and he launches a stream of cum.   Without even thinking…I jump over and latch onto his cock.   Sucking the rest out.

FUCK.   FUCK YEAH.   HOLY FUCK’ mystery guy says

I stand up.   feeling like a total cum whore.  

Damn someone was hungry’ locker room daddy says

'I'd say so' mystery guy says

'Listen fellas…I gotta run' mystery guy says as he packs his cock away and  turns around

I put my cock away without cumming.  And tell locker room daddy I’ll see him later

'You okay?' he asks

'I'm good' i say and I leave

I hope we get to do a repeat.  

Craigslist Fuck

My first ‘dirty’ massage.

I was feeling a bit horny.   Didn’t know what exactly to do.  

Got on craigslist.   Saw an ad on the Male 4 Male section.  ’Legitimate massage from a white 30 year old male’

I sent an email.   an hour later I was at the Hampton Inn room 237.

Keller was a white guy.   Good looking.   I stripped down to my boxers and got on the table.  

'Might be easier if you lose the boxers' he said.

I did.   

Massage went as normal.   the Quarters were really cramped.  He did an awesome job on my backside.

'Alright - flip over' He said

I did.   Cock was not hard.   He went to work on my legs….getting awfully close to my cock.  Soon I was hard as fuck.  

'Sorry' I said.

'this aint that kinda massage man' he said

'I know…I know.   Sorry'

My cock would not go down.

He ignored it and did the massage.  

I got dressed when he was done.

'Well I'll be in town til wednesday if you need another massage' he said.

Seeing how it was only monday afternoon I didn’t quite understand why I’d be needing another massage so soon.  But anyhow…I took his cell number and left.

About 2 hours later he sent me a message asking how everything was.   ‘Man that was awesome - Best massage ever’  I replied.  It wasn’t a lie.   It was really a great massage.

'Let me know when you need another' he texted back

'Man I could go for that daily'

'I'm free at 11' he replied

'11 TONIGHT???'

'Sure man'

'I'll let you know' I said

I finished my work….and around 9pm I was horny as shit.   I wondered if he was still free.  SO I asked in a text.

'Yeah man.   Come on over at 11'

I went.

Got on the table naked.  He started.  It was different.  My head was down in the donut.   It was dark.  He wasn’t so guarded.  His hands roamed more freely.

'you want the Keller 'special” he asked

'do what?'

'you want it or not?'  he said

'sure man.   is it deeper?'  I said stupidly

'sure is'

and then I saw a shirt hit the floor.   And felt him jump up on the table.   I closed my eyes not knowing what the fuck was going on.   And then I felt it his elbows in my back…It was just a deeper massage. 

But then I felt it.   A hard cock brush against my ass.  Before I could really think about it I felt it grinding into my ass.   Not really seeming to be trying to go INTO my ass….just grinding on my ass.  

'You like that?'  he asked.

'yeah man'

More grinding.   I was pushing my hips up to match his movements.   Everynow and then I could feel the head of his cock right on my hole.  

'fuck yeah man.   You like that don't you'  he said

'fuck yeah man…feels amazing'

and then it happened.  Our bodies clicked together.   His cock went right up my ass.  

I jumped.  ’HOLY FUCK’  I said.   it hurt and caught me by suprise.  ’How the fuck think are you?’

'thicker than most' he said

never pulling out. 

'you cool man?' he asked

I breathed.   slowly.

'Take it' and with that he started fucking me.   Hard.   

It was so good.  

He fucked harder and harder

'yeah man you want it?   huh?   you want it man?'

'Ahh yeah.   It's fucking amazing' I said

'Here it comes' he said

and then I felt it and realized what the fuck was happeneing He was about to nut.  Right up my ass.   I briefly panicked….then thought what the fuck.

I fucked right back onto his cock.   ‘Give it to me’

He exploded…right up my ass.

Pulled out.   I hopped off the table. 

'man that was amazing' I said.

'yeah it was good'

I paid for the massage…and left with an assholy full of cum.

Dirty Fuck

You ever feel like just being fuckin dirty.   Just taking a fuck.  

Ever just NEED a cock?  Desperate for that feeling…a cock stuffing your ass…penetrating in and out.   Filling you, then leaving you empty….plunging back into you and then back out.  That feeling…it’s addicting.

I was at the grocery store.  Feeling really fucking horny…fondling the cucumbers.  Wishing I had something up my ass.

I look up and see this guystanding directly across from me.  Smirking at me…Grinning.  The dudes flirting.

I pick out a nice THICK cucumber and walk away.

See him a bit later…checking me out again.   Fuck it….the dudes interested.

I walk up to him

'You wanna fuck?'

'Ummmmm yeah man.  Where?'

'Just follow me' I say

We leave the grocery store.   Decide to just ride to my place in my car. 

No talking

We get to my place.  I open the door - we walk in.   Still no talking.

I turn around to face him.   He’s standing there with his cock pulled out of his fly.   Half hard.

'Let me see that ass.   Turn around' he tells me

I turn around.  Show him my ass.  

'Drop the shorts'  he says

I do and stand back up

'No man…stay bent over.   Show me that ass'

So I stay bent over.   

He walks over and slaps my ass.   feels my crack.  rubs my asshole

'Fuck man.  That's a sweet ass'

He spits.  I feel his warm wet spit hit my asshole.  He rubs it in with his thumb.

'Fuck yeah man…open that hole up'

He spits.   I feel him working it into my hole again.   I groan as he pushes his thumb into me.

'Yeah boy you fucking love that don't you' He says

'Ahhh fuck yeah man'

He spits again.   Again I feel it on my ass.   He has my ass all wet.  Working his fingers up in me.

He spits.  I don’t feel it hit my ass.  However he keeps working my hole.

'Yeah boy.   Open up.  You like it'

'Man…Work my hole.  Fuck Yeah'

'Open up boy.   Fuckin Take it' He says

And then I feel it.   His cock pushing up deep into me.   Not slow…Not fast.  Forceful…but gentle.

'Fuck yeah….take it man.   Fucking take it.  ALL the way'

I hold my breath and try not to whimper.  He pushes in balls deep.  Holds it there.   

'Open that fuckhole.   OPEN it'

my legs are shaking.   He pushes in even deeper it feels like.

'I said…OPEN that fucking Hole'

'Man I'm trying.   Your fucking thick as fuck'  I say

'Fine then.   Just take it'  He says as he pulls his cock almost all the way out and shoves it quick and hard back up inside me

'Take it you dumb fuck.   Just relax.   Take that fucking cock'  he said

Again he pulls out almost all the way and shoves it back in.   It’s painful….but it’s hitting that spot.  

After the third or forth plunge fuck I started to relax.  

'There ya go you fuck pig…open that hole'

'Fuck yeah man.    Fucking take it.   Take that fucking cock'

I couldn’t say or do anything.   I was just holding on for the ride

'AHhhhhhhh YEah.   Fuck man.  FUCK.   FUCKKK man.'  He grunts and moans

'Man…just don't cum in…..'

'FUCK….What you say???' he says  immediately followed by 'FUCK YEAH….here it cums'

which was immediately followed by a pulsing in my ass.  I could feel shot after shot shoot up inside me.  He kept fucking.   

'Oh yeah man.  Oh fuck yeah' he says  

And then he pulls his cock all the way out.   

'Dude…you think you can push my load back out?  Come on push it out' he says

before I have a chance to say anything I feel his tongue on my fucked hole.

'Come on baby…push it out for me…and then I'll suck your seed out'

I try to push it out.   Apparently doing a good job cause he shuts up and really starts sucking/eating my ass.

'Ahhhh fuck yeah boy' he says and then pulls my hard cock back between my legs and starts jacking it while he eats my ass.  Not too long after I start bucking and moaning….and I feel his lips wrap around my cock.    

I start to cum and he sucks every last drop out of my cock.

I start to stand up.   He tells me to stay bent over.  

I hear him pulling his pants up and zipping up.

'Listen man….thanks for the fuck.   I'll hit you up again….that was fucking great'  he says

'you want a ride to your car?'

'Nah I'll walk'

And with that he walks out the door.

Summer Break - 1988 (part 2)


His towel slipped.   I could see his pubes.  He didn’t re-adjust … he just sat there.

He was talking…but I don’t know anything that he said.

All I could think about was ‘COME ON TOWEL - SLIP - SLIP - SLIP - SLIP’

What seemed like an HOUR later he spread his legs apart just enough….and BOOM.  


Cock and Balls HANGIN.   MANLY MANLY cock and balls.

…and he’s not doing anything at all to cover up.

I have total wood in my shorts…and I realize I’m bone hard.   I start thinking about anything and everything I can to get rid of this bone.

And then he stands up and says time to hit the showers and head home.

I’m still semi hard.   Panicking.

I head to the showers.   take off my shorts and face AWAY from him.  I’m showering as quick as I can so he doesn’t see that my dick is hard as shit.  

'You feel better after the sauna?' I hear him say

'Yeah - still sore but I'll be alright' I say as I turn off the water and practically run for my towel.  As soon as I'm covered I finally turn and face Uncle Matt.   He's rinsing off and His cock looks massive.   As we're talking he starts to rinse off his cock and balls.   Touching it.  I have to look away.

We get dressed and head to the house.

I’m up in my room watching some crap on TV laying on the bed.  Knock at the door.

'Hey - I got this stuff that I rub into my muscles to help with soreness'

'Sure Thanks' I say thinking he's just leaving it for me to use.

'No problem'  he says and he just stands there.  I look at him dumbfounded.  He looks back at me.  And we're just in this awkward stare off.  

'So…You want me to put it on?'  He asks

'Oh.  Sure'  What the fuck?

'Get face down.   Strip off your shorts'  

I do as I’m told.

I’m laying there face down in my little BVDs and he’s rubbing Icy Hot into my calves 

I’m hard as a rock. 

He works both of my calves and it feels amazing.

And then he works up to my hamstrings.  INSANE.  I’m practically cumming in my shorts.

'Do your quads hurt?  Or is it just your hamstrings?'  He asks

'Just my hamstrings' I say…lying.   I just can't flip over and show him my boner with the wet spot.

'Same here.   My hamstrings kill me'

So he massages my hamstrings and hops up.  ’There ya go…hope that helps’

And he leaves.  

I jump up….Lock the door whip my cock out and beat off immediately shooting a massive amount of cum all over the floor.

Next day is saturday.   We do yard work…ALL DAY.    I go swimming alone.  Come back to the house for dinner.   We order pizza.

Over Dinner Matt asks if the Icy Hot helped.   

'Sure did.  Feels a lot better today'

'Need some more?'  He asks

'I'm good' I say

'Come on now.   After today you probably need some.   Hell I need some'


'How about this.   I'm gonna head up to the sauna.  Afterwards would you rub some into my legs?  I'll return the favor.'

'umm sure'  I say nervous as dog fuck.

So we eat dinner.   Watch some TV.  I go to head upstairs and he stops me

'Aren't you going to the club with me' he asks

'ahhhh sure.   I need to get my shorts then I guess'

'All you need is a towel'


So we head there.   I’m in the sauna tightly wrapped in a towel.  

Forcing myself not to look.  And I’m succesful.

We leave and head to the house.  

As soon as we get to the house he says ‘wait right here and I’ll get the icy hot’

I’m watching TV and he comes back and says ‘drop em and hit the floor’

I drop my shorts and am on the floor in my undies.

He rubs the cream in and I have to admit it feels AMAZING.   I’m focusing on nasty old ladies….kitty cats…and anything non sexual.  He does an amazing job.

'Need your quads?' he asks

'Nah I'm good'

I stand up…pull my shorts up and say ‘Alright - your turn’

'Just rub the lotion in until it disappears.  nothing to it' he tells me.

AND THEN…He drops his shorts.   His cock and balls and ass just hanging out

Lays down on the floor.   

My cock is tenting up my shorts.  Thank god he’s face down.

I do exactly what he did to me.   Starting at his calves.  I go up to his hamstrings.   And think I’m done

'Massage it in up closer to my ass.   Don't be a cheapskate.'

I pour out some more lotion and work it in to his upper hamstrings.  He ever so slightly spreads his legs.   I start massaging the lotion down into his inner thigh area and he moans or breathes louder…or something

'Oh shit.   Right there.   That feels amazing'  He says

So I continue.   Enjoying it.  And enjoying the view of his balls.   

'Ahhhh thanks.   That was just what I needed.' He says

so I stop.   and he starts to turn over.   ‘would you mind doing my qua…’

everything goes silent.   He’s turning over and his cock is RIGHT there.  Hard as stone.

He puts his arm over his eyes and says something about ‘they’re killing me’

I start at his knees.   Not trying to get too near anything.   I go about halfway up his quads.  and that’s it.  I stop there. 

'Keep going.   Just a bit higher'

I do.

I go about 3 inches higher.   That’s it. 

And then his cock bounces/flexes

'Sorry about that' he says

'what'  is all I can say

and he flexes his cock again

and laughs.

We’re done.   I get up to wash my hands.   Come back to the living room and he’s laying there on the floor still.  Rubbing his cock.

'you ever jack it with a guy?' he asks

'No Sir.  Never Have'

'Come on'

I jsut stand there.  Not sure what to do.

He stands up.   Hard…and stroking his cock

Looking straight at me.

'Take it out'

The whole time I’m just staring at his cock.   

And then I do it.   I drop my shorts.  drop my underwear.  Standing there in a tshirt.   With a boner.

'Ahh yeah.   Stroke that cock'

We stand there facing one another.   Jacking off.   He goes to take my shirt off.   I take it off.   We’re just standing there watching one another.  

He gets a little closer.   I can feel his breath.  we’re watching one anothers cocks.  It’s too much.  It’s mind blowing.   I close my eyes and tilt my head back.   and thats when I feel it.   His hand on my balls.   Cupping my balls.  

I stop jerking my dick.   Open my eyes and look at him.  He just smiles…and plays with my nuts.   And then….he kisses me.

And starts stroking my cock.   About 5 seconds later I’m on the verge of cumming.

I say I’m about to cum and he continues to jerk me off.   I blow my load all over his leg.   And he releases my cock.  And with his now free hand he pulls my hand to his cock and balls.   I feel his balls.   feel his cock.

'Make me cum'

I do my best…which apparently is pretty good.  

'Ahhh fuck yeah.   right there.   Ahh yeah'

'Fuck here it cums.  FUCK'

And BOOM.   He covers my cock and balls and leg in cum.

'Well this is gonna be a good summer'  He says and laughs.

'Between you and I…..right?'


'you're a damn good kisser'  he says

and I just shyly smile.

continued again…..

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Big Dicks, Tight Pussy, and Hot Ass: Cruise Fucking with Josh


Some of you may know, but I recently went on a cruise with several of my friends - all of which I have either had sex with or at the very least jacked off with.

I took with me a 24 pack of Magnums and came home with 11. I’d say the vacation was mildly successful.

Coming along on the trip were…

Summer Break - 1988 (part 1)

I was still in school.   Barely.  

For some reason that year I had become a rebel.   I wanted nothing to do with school.   I hated everything about it.  Teachers, classes, all of it.  My parents were divorced and I was just getting out of control.  

Mom and Dad both agreed that I was running with the wrong crowd (which I guess I was)  I was doing everything I could to supress these feelings I’d started to have.  I wasn’t any fag.  No way I could be a fag.  I’d be dead at school.  Soccer, wrestling, baseball….I’d be ridiculed.  

Summer finally came.   I passed - barely.  My parents had decided to send me to spend the summer with my Aunt and Uncle in Jackson, MS.   YUCK.   I was PISSED.   I wasn’t going to be able to hang out with ANY of my friends?  And I had to work for my fucking uncle!   I was not a happy camper. 

So the day after school let out for the summer my mom packed me up on a greyhound bus and shipped me to Mississippi.  The bus smelled and I was in a FOUL mood.

I only ever saw My Uncle and Aunt at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Some reason my dad and Uncle never could stand one another for too long.   Grandma always said they were always that way.   Best of friends for a day…enemies the very next.

The bus finally pulled up to the station in Jackson.  My aunt was there waiting.   Lord…she was just SOOOOO excited to get to spend the summer with me.   ‘Aint it gonna be GreaAATTTT?’  ’You’re just gonna have Soooooo much fun here’

'This is gonna suck' is all I could think.   This lady is fucking psycho.  What the hell is she on?

All the way back to their house she was talking in a high pitched southern drawl.   Back in Charleston we have an accent but JESUS.   This woman is talking a hundred miles an hour. We talked about school, and she reassured me that I’d do better next year.   She showed me all over town.  It looked like hell to me. 

And then we pull up to this beautifully landscaped gated community.  

'Holy Shit!  Ya'll live here?'  I blurted out

'Why yes…but please.  No Curses'  in her southern sweetness

They lived at the country club.   It was so nice.  Golf course, HUGE houses…and a HUGE pool and clubhouse with tennis courts.   Oh this was gonna be great!

'Wow do you get to use the pool?' I asked excitedly.

'Well yes we are members.  I don't come down here though.   I don't know why Matthew wont just put a pool in at the house, I mean we have the room for it…and I just don't want to come all the way down here to lay out' -southern sweetness

So we get to their house and it’s just huge.  My rooms Way up on the third floor.  All alone with my own bathroom.   I have a TV in my room too!  I was so excited.  At home I had to share a bathroom and had a tiny ass bedroom.

I unpacked and avoided Aunt Crazy.  I finished unpacking and decided to take a shower….get the stank off me from the bus ride.   The water felt good.  I got out dried off and put on my briefs.  Walked into my room to get dressed and at the same time My Uncle Matthew walked in.

'Oh.  Sorry.  I knocked - but you didn't answer.  Umm I'm sorry I didn't realize you were um….Showering.  So, um, dinner is almost ready.'  He said as I tried to get dressed and cover up as fast as possible.

'How was the trip' He said once I was dressed

'Alright.   Those busses STINK though'

'You gonna be okay up here all alone?' He asked looking around

'yeah this is great.  I never knew you had such a big house'

'Well come on down when you're ready.   Good to have you here'

We had dinner, and no one spoke.  There was tension here.  I picked up on it earlier when Aunt Crazy was going on about Uncle Matt not wanting a pool ‘after all he DOES own the biggest landscape company in Jackson…we SHOULD have a pool’ as she said.

So after Dinner Uncle Matt asked if I wanted to take a ride with him to see the clubhouse, and look at a jobsite.  I said sure and we headed to the garage.  They had a GOLF CART!   Oh in my mind they were RICH RICH.  We took the golf cart and rode up to the clubhouse. Along the way everyone and their dog said hello.  The entire place was just amazing.

We get to the clubhouse and he shows me how to get in.  And shows me around.   Pool, tennis, weights, racquetball, volleyball, table tennis, movie room, restaurant.  It was such a great place….yet no one was using anything….except the restaurant - it was FULL.

'Why isn't anyone swimming, or doing anything?' I asked - completely perplexed

'Don't ask me.   This is my favorite time to come down here.   Only a couple guys working out at this time…I can get a good workout in, and go for a swim.' he said  'Let me show you where the locker rooms and showers are…and don't EVER come home without showering off.   If you smell like chlorine Aunt Crazy will fly off the handle'

'Why's that?  She allergic to chlorine?'  I asked

'No - She wants her own pool.   But, I think why put in an expensive ass pool and destroy our backyard when this one is minutes away?'

I kinda agree with Aunt Crazy…having your own pool would be the best.  But whatever.

He showed me the locker rooms.   They were massive.   Big wooden old school lockers and benches.   A huge shower room with a sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi. This place was nice.

We headed out to look at a jobsite just down the street.  It was a pool.   He was building a pool for these people and a deck and redoing all the landscaping.  It was a big dirt pit.  He showed me what he wanted me to do.  MANUAL LABOR.  I was pretty much taking stones from over here and carrying them to over there.  GREAT.   I couldn’t WAIT til monday.

The rest of the weekend was pretty mundane.  I went to the clubhouse the next day….it was PACKED.   People everywhere.   Later that night after dinner Uncle Matt said he was gonna head up to the clubhouse.   I tagged along.   While he was working out or doing whatever he was doing I went swimming in the HUGE pool ALL ALONE.   It was great.  

The I heard a whistle.   ‘Hey kid - go rinse off we gotta go’

I jumped out rinsed off and we headed home.   Next day I had to do manual labor.

Monday Sucked my ass….and not in a good way. 

The foreman was an asshole.   By the end of the day I was covered in sweat and dirt and barely able to stand.  

I went home and passed out.  Aunt Crazy woke me up for dinner.   We ate and then Uncle Matt asked if I wanted to head to the clubhouse.  NO WAY.  I was tired.

Tuesday was the same.  Except after dinner I went swimming.  

Wednesday the same.  Dinner and swimming.

Thursday the same.  Dinner and swimming.  

You get the picture.

By the next weekend I was acclimated to the work…and feeling better.  I was sore as all fuck….but other than that I was good.

Aunt Crazy went to Mobile to see her family for the weekend.  So saturday for dinner we went to the restaurant at the clubhouse.   After dinner we went home.   I was not tired and I was super hyped up.  I finally got up the courage to ask if I could go for a swim.  

'Sure - no problem.  You can just take the golf cart'

This was so awesome.   I rode down there alone.   And swam alone.   It was great.  

I was swimming just doing my thing….playing around mostly.  And I hear my uncle walk up.  

'Mind if I swim some laps with ya?'  he asked

'Sure thing' I said and he walked off towards the locker room.

When he came back he was in a speedo (grape smugglers)   I’d never seen a real person in a speedo except swimmers and guys on tv.   He dove in and swam laps.  All I could think was ‘he’s wearing a speedo’  ’he’s wearing a speedo’

He finished his laps and I was already out.  Sore as hell.  And we walked towards the locker rooms.  

'Are you sore?  you're walking really stiff' he asked

'Yeah.  I ache everywhere'

'Don't you stretch?' he asked

I nodded.   

'You should go sit in the sauna and get your muscles all hot and relaxed and then we can stretch.   You shouldn't be that sore.'

So when we got to the locker rooms he told me to rinse off and go sit in the Sauna for a good bit.  I rinsed off and went to sit in the sauna in my swim trunks.  There was a man in there.   A NAKED man.  I backed out and headed to the lockers.   

'You gotta sit in there a lot longer than that.'  Uncle Matt said

'Well umm there's an old guy in there stark ass naked'

He laughed.  ’you’ll be fine’

Uncle Matt had a towel around his waste and headed to the showers.  ’I’ll meet you in the sauna’ he said

I went to go pee hoping the naked guy would leave…which after I stood at the urinal a couple minutes he did.  I got a drink of water and walked towards the sauna.  On the way I passed the shower room.   Out of the corner of my eye I saw Uncle Matt in the showers.  Naked.  I just saw his ass.  I went into the sauna.   My mind racing.  I’d just seen his ass.  My uncles ass.  Right there.  

And then the Sauna door opened.

'Ahhh we need it warmer in here'  he said and walked back out.  I heard a few clicks and felt the heat.   

He came back in and sat across the way.  In his towel.  

He started telling me the benefits of Saunas and relaxing your muscles and blah blah blah…and I should really stretch, and drink a lot of water.

All I could think about was…’Is he naked under that towel?’

'Hello?   Can you hear me?'  I heard him say

'Huh?  WHat is it?'

'I asked how you liked it here so far'

'Oh it's alright.   It's hard work and the foremans a jack ass.'

'I'll work you with me next week.   he had told me you were too slow'

SLOW my ass.   All he did was sit there and bark orders.

And then it happened.   He towel slipped.  and he was totally exposed.  Cock and balls and all.  I looked away.   He turned and put his feet up on the bench.  He never recovered himself with the towel…but the way he was sitting I couldn’t see anything but his side. 

I went home that night and all I could think all night long was I had just seen Uncle Matts cock and balls.   Uncle Matts BIG cock and BIGGER balls.

to be continued….

Exploits of a Midwest Cock Hound: The Coach’s Boyfriend - part 5


I woke up at 5am, got dressed and crawled down the ladder. As quietly as I could I started mixing up momma’s biscuit recipe, and dicing potatoes to make home fries. I got some coffee brewing, and pulled down the coffee mugs for everyone. It wasn’t long after I fired up the oven and stove that the…

Exploits of a Midwest Cock Hound: The Coach’s Boyfriend - part 4


October, 2000

A few weeks after the night of “I Never Dare,” I received a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize.
“Hello. This is Jim [Smith] calling for Rob [Jones].”
“Hey Jim, this is Rob. How are you doing?”
“Doing well, thanks. I looked you up in the phone book – I hope that is…